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Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759 (Nombre personal)

Forma preferida: Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759
Usado por/ver desde:
  • Haendel, Georges-Frédéric, 1685-1759
  • Gendelʹ, Georg Fridrikh, 1685-1759
  • Khendel, G. F. (Georg Fridrikh), 1685-1759
  • Khendel, Georg Fridrikh, 1685-1759
  • Encabezamiento anterior: Händel, Georg Friedrich, 1685-1759
  • Handel, G. F. (George Frideric), 1685-1759
  • Haendel, G. F. (Georg Friedrich), 1685-1759
  • Haendel, Georg Friedrich, 1685-1759
  • Gendelʹ, G. F. (Georg Fridrikh), 1685-1759
  • Handel, Geʼorg-Fridrikh, 1685-1759
  • Hendelis, G. F., 1685-1759
  • Henderu, Georuku Furīdorihhi, 1685-1759
  • Haendel, George Frideric, 1685-1759
  • Handel, George Frederick, 1685-1759
  • Hendel, George Frideric, 1685-1759
  • Handel, George Fredrick, 1685-1759
  • הנדל, 1685־1759
  • Handel, F. G., 1685-1759

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Thematic catalog numbers are from the Händel-Handbuch. They are used in uniform titles for types of composition, excluding op. 2-7, and other works as required under AACR2 25.31B. E.g.: Concertos, organ, orchestra, HWV 295, F major; Sonatas, oboe, continuo, HWV 366, C minor; Suites, harpsichord, HWV 430, E major.

His The ways of Zion do mourn, 1979: t.p. (G.F. Handel)

His Georg Friedrich Haendel [SR] 1978: labels (G.F. Haendel)

Sonate au 18ème siècle [SR] c1977: labels (Georges-Frédéric Haendel)

Bach, J.S. Si︠u︡ita no. 2 si minor, V. 1067 [SR] 1968? (a.e.) label (G.F. Gendelʹ; Georga Fridrikha Gendeli︠a︡)

Gorali, M. ha-Tanakh bi-yetsirot Geʼorg-Fridrikh Handel, c1982: t.p. (Geʼorg-Fridrikh Handel)

His L'Allegro, il Pensieroso ed il Moderato [SR] 1981: labels (G.F. Hendelis)

His The flocks shall leave the mountains, c1988: t.p. (George Frederic Handel)

Bach, J.S. Sonata za oboĭ i piano v sol minor [SR] 1981?: label (G.Fr. Khendel) container (Georg Fridrikh Khendel)

Botts, T.R. Calligraphic word pictures inspired by the music and text of George Frederick Handel's Messiah, c1991.

His Neun deutsche Arien, 1981: label (Händel) container (Georg Friedrich Händel; Georuku Furīdorihhi Henderu)

Sémélé, Haendel, 1996: p. 7 (George Frideric Haendel)

His Bibletone presents the Messiah, 1947?: cover (George Frederick Handel)

New Grove (Handel (Händel, Hendel), George Frideric (Georg Friederich (Friedrich)); b. Feb. 23, 1685, Halle, d. Apr. 14, 1759, London; English (naturalized) composer of German birth; "He was baptized Georg Friederich Händel, the usual spelling of his name in Germany then and now. He used the spelling Hendel in Italy and at first in England, but later always signed himself Handel without the Umlaut; in England he generally used the forms of his first names shown above [i.e. George Frideric]")

His Gavotte, c2003: t.p. (George Fredrick Handel)

F. G. Handel's Largo from Xerxes, c1916: t.p. (F.G. Handel) t.p. (F.G. Handel)

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